ChatGPT : The Complete Bootcamp for Beginner With Practical

ChatGPT: The Ultimate Bootcamp for Beginners – Hands-on Training and Practical Applications

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Welcome to the latest ChatGPT Bootcamp for Beginners! This course is designed to help you master ChatGPT’s powerful language processing capabilities. From Basic to Advanced.


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  • Introduction

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Understanding How To Prompt
Master Chef ChatGPT – 3
Books Summary, Key Takeaways, and More
Anserwing General Knowledge and IQ Questions
Business Consultant / Ideas Generator
Homework Assistant For Essay and Stories
AI Copywriter For Blogs and Articles
AI Youtube Assistant For YT Videos
Career Advisor
Job Assistant
Email Writer

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Sara Flynn
Sara Flynn@Flyn.sara
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The course is very informative and easy to follow, even for someone who had no prior experience in this field. The instructor explained the concepts clearly and provided practical examples that helped me understand the material better.
Edgars Jansons
Edgars Jansons@ed_jansons
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This course has been very helpful in enlightening me on the use and effectiveness of ChatGPT and how I can use it to get things done in a short amount of time. I am grateful to the tutor for setting up this course.
Becky Slagle
Becky Slagle@beckysla
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Well it was fun, i've been playing with ChatGPT for a little bit alone, but this course has told me new ways and gave me others ideas about what i can do with it !
Liz Pearson
Liz Pearson@liz.pearson32
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I learned more on Chatgpt for the grace of these courses
Toni Gallart
Toni Gallart@tonigallart
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Great insightful experience!! Recommended for beginners.
Gerard Ferrer
Gerard Ferrer@gerard.ff
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Very good course, it helped me to start in this new world of artificial intelligence. I recommend
Keisha Williams
Keisha Williams@Keywilliams
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The course is very informative and easy to understand even for someone with no previous experience in this field. The instructor explained the concepts clearly and gave practical examples that helped me understand the content better.
Jamal Thompson
Jamal Thompson@jamael_thomp
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I have gained a wealth of knowledge on ChatGPT through the invaluable assistance of these courses.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown@Rickbrown
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very good
James Smith
James Smith@jamessmith_236
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I had no experience with chatGPT, now I'm even using it at work! great tool, I recommend the course

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(Student classification) 4.9
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