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Administrative Human Resources

From basic to advanced, you will learn all the tools, skills and content necessary to become a successful human resources manager.

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What will you learn

📍 Module 01 – Administrative Human Resources
✅ Class 01
Administrative Human Resources
✅ Class 02
The Role of Human Resources
✅ Class 03
Conducting an HR Audit
✅ Class 04
Recruit Great Talent 1
✅ Class 05
Recruit Great Talent 2
✅ Class 06
Recruit Great Talent 3
✅ Class 07
Increase Performance
✅ Class 08
Increase Performance (Continued)
📍 Module 02 – Supporting Materials
✅ Class 09
HR for Beginners
✅ Class 10
HR for Beginners Glossary/Index
✅ Class 11
Workbook: HR for Beginners
📍 Module 03 – Review and Test
✅ Class 12
Review Questions
✅ Final Exam

Complementary Material for Studies in All Classes

This way you will be able to better follow classes and review content when necessary.

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➡️ + 4 Ebooks with complementary activities for you to train and improve

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(Student classification) 4.9
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